zip it, zip it good.

Hi guys!

Apologies about the pun in the title – I couldn’t resist. It’s been a seriously hectic week in my household. We’re moving this weekend/next week so the house is crazy. I’m literally sitting on the ground right now doing an essay on a blanket because the couch has been sold (for about 2 seconds there I thought we’d been robbed)! Plus on top of this I’ve got heaps of uni assignments due in the next two weeks. Anyways one of my best friends had her 21st on the weekend. It was super cute! There were beautiful vintage candy jars with pink candy everywhere. 21st’s are great for me because I have a lot of dresses that need wearing – not to mention I’ve been dying to wear this one.


This dress is from Maje. It’s got amazing zip details which also keep you in the dress. You literally just pull it on, zip it up and go. I bought this at the end of last year but its been way to hot to wear it. The shoes on the other hand were not so comfy. They’re a classic pair of Louboutin’s, but about two hours in I was like “Nope. I need a seat. Now.” You’d think  a platform pump would be comfortable?! Plus I’ve got those gel cushion things in there.


The bag is from Deadly Ponies. I think you would have probably seen me wearing it before. I actually bought this for my mum as a present but I’ve kinda slowly been stealing it. I never used to like it but its grown on me. Plus I really like the brand. They’re a New Zealand based company so its kinda local.

I went with turquoise rings. Turquoise is my birthstone (I’m a December baby), so I have a lot of it. Not to mention I love it. One of the rings was a gift from my brother. The other one I found at a market somewhere. If I remember correctly its meant to be nordic. It has the most beautiful patterns and engravings around the stone. Its one of those unique once in a lifetime pieces that are super special.


Disclaimer: the reason my hair looks so nice is because I got it done that day. I’m not at all talented when it comes to blow waving. Oh! And I got the pictures back from my shoot and I really like them! Alison made my bod look great which is always a bonus! Anyways I hope you all have a great easter filled with family and friends! And be grateful for your couches – you never know how much you miss them till they’re gone.

T x





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