half half

You know when its been a super long day and you have to go out and you don’t understand why because it’s a week night and week nights are meant for sleeping? It’s one of those days. I have to go out to night but I’m really not in the mood which means I am in desperate need of something simple and comfy. IMG_0582

You would have seen this dress briefly before in one of my posts. I’ve worn it to one of my photoshoots. It’s T by Alexander Wang (mmmm alexander wang). The material itself it quite thick and stretchy meaning it hides everything. After a day like today thats exactly what I need.

Due to my laziness I’ve gone with the messy hair flick no jewellery look. A favourite of mine (I just got so confused with the spelling of jewellery for a moment there – I’m slightly delirious) . Due to my laziness I also did not really take the most fabulous pictures. But it is the outfit that counts (its the thought that counts guys). The shoes are Louboutin’s. They’re a simple black suede pump with a nice chunky platform. You would think the platform would made things more comfortable… alas no. But they make your legs look nice and long which I always love.


I hope you all are having a better week than I am, and are more sane than I am right now. I did a really awesome shoot on Friday last week! It was a swimwear shoot (very scary). The water was so cold! I’m hoping the photos turn out well so I can share some with you guys next week!

PS. If shooting swimwear go to the Maldives… the water is much warmer (and they’ll have cocktails).

T x


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