balenciaga & demna: fall RTW 2016

I feel like I need this blog post to rant this week. Balenciaga (my favorite) has shown it’s Fall Ready-to-wear collection. They have a new creative director since Alexander Wang left. Demna Gvasalia of Vetements is the new creative director and showed his debut collection. I really do not know how to feel about this collection. I think Demna brought his aesthetic to Balenciaga however I’m not sure how they mesh. I can see the influence of Cristobel Balenciaga in the use of the cocoon shapes, the leather jacket and the tailoring however I’m struggling with the flowy dresses and those candy cane stockings (and together?).

Photos: Monica Feudi

I love a good tailored suit, or anything tailored really but I think tailoring is about being flattering to the body. On some looks I can see that. But on others I don’t like it – the above two being a prime example. While I don’t like it, the one of the right Is definitely more wearable. I think that jacket could look great if styled correctly. Plus the matte black stockings remind me of the collection Alexander Wang did with the half white half black stockings (One of my favorites).

Photos: Monica Feudi

This kind of tailoring I think is great. The jacket in the middle is the same cut as above however it’s much more flattering with pants. I’ve never been a huge fan of the stirrup pants but I like it here. While she is wearing a puffer jacket (they’re literally all over the runway right now – particularly Stella McCartney) the turtle neck is to die for. I love turtle necks! And the royal blue shoes with the jewels are great. Combine that with the red of the jacket and you’ve got a killer look.

Photos: Monica Feudi

These two looks are the ones that annoy me. The one on the right isn’t as bad. I think with the detailing on the skirt hem it looks okay, but i pattern? It reminds me of that Givenchy collection. The one that Kim Kardashian wore to the met gala and looked like an old couch? The one on the left also has potential. Without those candy cane tights and with a great pair of strappy heels that could be a great summer dress (very Chloe). I just don’t get the tights?! Perhaps this is Demna’s point though? To alienate us a bit? Vetements is famous for street style, and for things a bit out there so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Photos: Monica Feudi

Surprisingly I like these looks as well. While the middle one seems slightly messy (very Demna) he’s tapped into Balenciaga’s amazing leather jackets. I think this one is great.The other two looks also tap into Balenciaga’s identity. They’re soft but strong. I think this is also due to the hair and makeup, not to mention those killer boots. The shoulderless jackets and sweaters make these looks feminine and elegant but also powerful.


Photos: Monica Feudi

Lastly I LOVE this! The metallic embroidery with that bit of black behind it is amazing. I would definitely wear this, with the boots and without! Demna has repeated the hem detailing once again on this dress and I think it works so well.

So while I don’t like some looks. I love some, probably the ones more true to Balenciaga’s identity. I think perhaps it will take time to get used to Demna’s style and designing. I love him at Vetements but as I said, I think I need to get used to him. Anyways it’s probably a good thing I’m not in love with everything because I wouldn’t be able to afford it in Europe! Also I feel like I should apologize if I have any spelling mistakes! My computer keyboard is dying. Meaning I need to buy a new laptop, which I’m dreading – It’s going to cut into my Europe fund. I’m literally like “Do you want a new bag? Or do you want a new laptop?” I’m leaning towards bag hahaha Anyways I hope you’ll all have a fab week! I feel better now I’ve gotten my thoughts on Demna and Balenciaga off my chest!! But let me know what you guys think of the collection! I’d love to hear some other opinions.

T x



All Photos: Monica Feudi /

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