sheer for summer

My lord it is hot today! I’m currently in an air conditioned room recovering from today (I had uni).I have to say I struggle on days like today because all I want to do is wear shorts and a singlet, but days like today were created for easy-breezy boho dresses.

This dress is actually quite new. Its from Morrison’s. My mum took me in (I’ve never been in before) and I really like some of their stuff. The materials are beautiful and it is an Australian brand. They also have a drawing of a dog on their bags! The store was actually named after the dog (who unfortunately is dead now – they have a new dog now guys so put away the tissues).

Its actually a slip with a dress over it. Even though it’s two pieces it’s still quite sheer, but it looks amazing when the sun shines through it. Now I have to say I did not wear this to uni. While beautiful Louboutin’s  are not made for walking. But you can wear this dress with these kind of heels, sandals, anything really. I wear it to work with my blue velvet Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats.

Guess what? This dress is now on sale (just my luck). Of course I payed full price for it. You can find it here:

Morrison Pippin Dress 

Anyways, I’m off to start some of my many assignments. Wish me luck! (PS. Guys! I’ wearing white!)

T x


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