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Hope you guys have been well This week has been hectic!! Plus I’m back at uni next week! I’ve been planning out my trip to Europe and I’m starting to get super excited (the thought of my holiday is what is going to keep me going this semester)! I was watching that episode of Gossip Girl where Serena and Blair go to Paris. J’adore!!! I know minimalism is in. Especially in regards to jewelry. But every once in a while I just want to be like Blair Waldorf and wear a ridiculous amount of accessories.


This outfit was inspired by Blair crossed with  Princess Eleanor from the tv show The Royals (which I lovveee). The dress is actually a shift from underneath a Witchery dress! I don’t really like wearing it by itself so I paired it with a black velvet Zara jacket with satin lapels (it’s my Hugh Hefner jacket).

The shoes are the most beautiful Louboutin booties. They’re super high! I feel like a giant in them! I actually bought these at the new store on Collins street! The thing about Louboutin’s is that they first they look beautiful in the store, but then when you try them on they look even better and then you have to buy them! Keep in mind I have no self-control.

IMG_0536 (2)

In terms of jewelry I’m wearing  Lovisa rings and necklace. The belt is Zara (once again)! The cuff is Swarowski and the choker is actually a belt! I bought it at Alannah Hill. It’s stretchy and adjustable. It’s very 1920s but I think it works well with the rock chic look! On a fragrance note I was wearing Balenciaga Rosabotanica. As you know I adore Balenciaga. The scent is quite spicy so I don’t wear it 24/7 but when you’re in the mood to be a little rebellious I think it’s great.

IMG_0584 (2)

On a side note: this outfit would look great with my Stuart Weitzman Highland boots in black!! Anyways as I said I’m back at uni next week so I’ll try to keep up to date!

T x



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  1. dayinmydreams · February 24, 2016

    The best color


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