meet stuart.

Hi guys!!

I went shoe shopping. I said I wouldn’t but what kinda fashion blogger would I be if I didn’t shop (a shit one. that’s what i’d be). But I don’t want to buy anything else until I’m in Europe (I say that now). Anyways, I first saw these shoes in this color on Gigi Hadid. Technically, I already own a pair but I have them in black. But these babies are the perfect brown beige.

They’re called the ‘Highland’ boots by Stuart Weitzman. I adore Stuart Weitzman!!! I have 4 pairs of Stuarts, three being boots – Highlands and Lowlands. I also have the Nudistsongs. Its an addiction. They’re just so simple and they all look so beautiful and fit so well.

Weitzman’s are also comfy!! Plus they come in these really cool purple boxes. And they make your legs look super nice (Stuart Weitzman should be paying me for this free advertisement – preferably in shoes). I’m slightly annoyed though because its too hot to wear them right now (first world problems)!

At the moment I’m working 6 days a week and I’ll be back at uni in 2 weeks (also 6 day weeks with work). I’m kinda dreading it! But I’m just trying to think of my holiday in June! I’ve started booking plays and restaurants and I’m getting super excited. I might do a blog post of some of my planned shopping destinations!

T x


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