hey sunshine

While its still summer I thought it would be important to do a post on sunnies (Ironic since it’s pretty much raining). Sunglasses are a godsent. They’re practical and stylish all at the same time, plus they’re great for changing your look (/protecting your eyes post-hangover from the sun). I never realized how many pairs I had until I shot this post! I have sunnies that I bought in random street stalls for 5 bucks and others that have cost me a kidney. My favorite pair right now have to be the reflective Seafolly ones. I saw Gigi Hadid wearing them in the campaign and I fell in love (Gigi is just so beautiful). Other notable mention are my green Ray Ban aviators, my countless Sportsgirl sunnies and my stolen brown Miu Miu’s (from my mom so it doesn’t count). But the love of my life, in terms of sunglasses, are my glitter ‘noir’ Miu Mius (they’re bottom right).

I got these for my birthday when I was 18 and I took them on holiday with me to Mauritius. Anyways, the first day I sat down on the beach chair and also sat on top of my glasses. I think I almost started crying and ran off to find my Dad to fix them. While they have been fixed, they’re still not perfect. But it doesn’t matter because I love them and they’re super precious too me!

The lipstick I’m wearing is 99 Pirate Rouge Allure by Chanel (actually a present from my bosses!) Its a perfect red! Plus I find it lasts (always a bonus).

On a side note: It’s Paris Couture Fashion week and I’m freaking out. I’ll have to do a post on it sometime soon because the amount of screenshots on my phone are getting ridiculous!

T x


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