blue jean baby

All of a sudden its raining here again, meaning its movie weather, meaning stay inside under all costs. I adore movies. I love love love them! They’re an amazing source of inspiration and are great places to just switch off. But movies are about comfort, meaning comfort food and comfortable clothes (see that segue I did right there). I think I almost always wear jeans at the movies, and this little blue romper is perfect for that. Its extremely comfortable and cute, not to mention it can be dressed up (or down – but I dressed it up). The play suit screams 70s so I went with it and paired it with glitter platforms and a suede belt.


I know what you’re thinking, who the f*ck  wears platforms that high to the movies? Lets be honest, you’re literally sitting down the whole time, so you might as well wear the shoes. Anyways, I’m a firm believer you should wear what you want, society be damned.



The romper is from Seed, as well as the belt. The shoes are from Windsor Smith. I don’t normally shop there but I saw these in Sydney and I had to have them! I call them my stripper shoes. They’re kind of over the top but they’re fabulous, and that’s all that really matters right?  T x


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