the shoes of 2015

The year is coming to a close, and its time to reflect. For me this reflection includes queries like “What did I enjoy most this year?” and more importantly “Which new shoes did I welcome to the BLACK T family this year?”

So here’s a post dedicated to some of my new family members. May the family keep growing in 2016.

First lets start with some practical ones. I bought these Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitty Flats’ mid year at the David Jones sale. While I am normally a dog person I was happy to make an exception. But I have to say these aren’t as comfortable as I hoped they’d be! They’re super cute and super versatile but they aren’t walking shoes! They’re perfect for traveling in though!


My next purchase was the most recent (they aren’t even a month old yet). I actually wanted to buy them for my birthday last year but I ended up buying a pair of Choo’s (which I’d show you but they’re in London being repaired). These Stuart Weitzman are the ‘Nudistsong’ ones which are different to the Nudist’s as they’re a little shorter (which makes my feet so happy). The color literally goes with everything since its a mixture of gold, silver and brass. Anyways I love them, they’re great.


So now for my new Louboutin’s. Louboutin’s are what I buy the most of. I think I bought 4 pairs this year (kinda scary…) The two photographed here are probably the funkier ones. The lace up gold glitter ones are the ‘Neotrente’ – surprisingly comfortable and very secure (that’s the ankle strap for you), and the black platform booties are the ‘Altarakna’ 150mm. I’m actually a giant in them. What I realized when shooting this is that all of my Louboutin’s are black. All 5 pairs of them (to be fair there is some gold). Also I tend to keep them all in their bags still (I think I’m subconsciously preparing for a house fire). The other ones I bought this year were the ‘So Kate’ in Black patent as well as the ‘Vicky Bass’ in black suede.


While there are more new shoes, I want to surprise you guys with more later! So I’m going to finish off with my first ever designer pair purchase. I bought these Guiseppe Zanotti’s when I was still at school. I found them hiding in a sale rack for about 350 dollars. They were the last pair in my size (hallelujah)! They’re a midnight blue with a subtle silver sparkle through them (Yes I am also a giant in these). I don’t wear them very often but I’ve got a soft spot for them because they were my first. Anyways, I hoped you liked seeing a bit of my closet! Over and out! T x




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