the modern mini

I love the 60s, the clothes, the shoes, Sean Connery as James Bond… While unfortunately these things are apart of the past, we can still take a queue from Ursula Andres and embrace the era.

After recently seeing The Man from U.N.C.L.E. I had a craving to find a white dress. The next day I walked past Zara and there were white dresses everywhere (thanks Zara). Anyways I found this dress, a white mini with an open back and bell sleeves.

IMG_0124.jpgI paired this dress with some kitten heels I found at a shop called Genkek. Normally I’m not into kitten heels but these shoes remind me of Miu Miu’s and I’m a sucker for a pair of Miu Miu’s (as you’ll soon find out).

IMG_0148However, the most important thing about the 60s (for me) are the accessories. In particular, the sunglasses. This pair is from Sportsgirl. They have great sunglasses for reasonable prices (these ones were $35), and they last (I’ve sat on them before and they survived). The good thing about 60s sunglasses is that they’re massive and they kinda say ‘Don’t talk to me’ so they’re great if you’re in the mood for being anti-social.

Lastly jewelry. While I only wore earrings in this post I found heaps of necklaces and brooches in my mum/grandma’s old jewelry box. So many things work for a 60s inspired look. If its big and bold, its 60s.


Dress: Zara ($60-$70) – Sorry I can’t remember the exact price

Shoes: Genkek kitten heels ($60)

Sunglasses: Sportsgirl ($35)

Lips: Dior Contour Lipliner in Greje 169

Dior Rouge Baume in Star 128

(both available at David Jones/Myer)

Fragrance: Mini Lancome Poeme



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