At the end of last year I finally turned 21! It had to be one of the best nights of my life. So much stuff went wrong but in the end everyone had a great time including me! I actually picked my dress before I picked the venue and everything haha


I bought the dress at Manning Cartell, it reminded me of this Prabal Gurung dress i fell in love with. The shoes are Jimmy Choo’s, my mum actually picked them for the dress! They’re the most amazing blue glitter. Plus I love ankle straps. They were comfy the whole night which was also a bonus.


My makeup was done at Mecca and they did an amazingggggg job! While there was some debate over what makeup to do we ended up with the coolest blue ever. We also had the best photobooth! I think I spent at least half the night there. Overall best night ever. Couldn’t have asked for it to be more perfect!






So I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. Something like 9 months to be exact. That wasn’t my plan originally! However, after I moved out of my house things got crazy. 2016 had to be one of the most challenging years I’ve experienced in my life. It was a year of highs and lows. I turned 21, got to see more of my family, got my degree, changed my hair colour, changed it back, met wonderful people, travelled overseas and experienced tonnes of new things! I also lost people, cried more than I thought and would, and had some other little speed bumps. While all this happened I think I’ve gotten to know myself better and at the end of the day (/year) I’m stronger because of it!

That being said it’s a new year and I’ve got so many little treats to share with you guys! I’m going to try and find a better work/uni/life/blog balance (I promise) and hopefully I’ll be sending some more stuff your way soon!


T x

zip it, zip it good.

Hi guys!

Apologies about the pun in the title – I couldn’t resist. It’s been a seriously hectic week in my household. We’re moving this weekend/next week so the house is crazy. I’m literally sitting on the ground right now doing an essay on a blanket because the couch has been sold (for about 2 seconds there I thought we’d been robbed)! Plus on top of this I’ve got heaps of uni assignments due in the next two weeks. Anyways one of my best friends had her 21st on the weekend. It was super cute! There were beautiful vintage candy jars with pink candy everywhere. 21st’s are great for me because I have a lot of dresses that need wearing – not to mention I’ve been dying to wear this one.


This dress is from Maje. It’s got amazing zip details which also keep you in the dress. You literally just pull it on, zip it up and go. I bought this at the end of last year but its been way to hot to wear it. The shoes on the other hand were not so comfy. They’re a classic pair of Louboutin’s, but about two hours in I was like “Nope. I need a seat. Now.” You’d think  a platform pump would be comfortable?! Plus I’ve got those gel cushion things in there.


The bag is from Deadly Ponies. I think you would have probably seen me wearing it before. I actually bought this for my mum as a present but I’ve kinda slowly been stealing it. I never used to like it but its grown on me. Plus I really like the brand. They’re a New Zealand based company so its kinda local.

I went with turquoise rings. Turquoise is my birthstone (I’m a December baby), so I have a lot of it. Not to mention I love it. One of the rings was a gift from my brother. The other one I found at a market somewhere. If I remember correctly its meant to be nordic. It has the most beautiful patterns and engravings around the stone. Its one of those unique once in a lifetime pieces that are super special.


Disclaimer: the reason my hair looks so nice is because I got it done that day. I’m not at all talented when it comes to blow waving. Oh! And I got the pictures back from my shoot and I really like them! Alison made my bod look great which is always a bonus! Anyways I hope you all have a great easter filled with family and friends! And be grateful for your couches – you never know how much you miss them till they’re gone.

T x




half half

You know when its been a super long day and you have to go out and you don’t understand why because it’s a week night and week nights are meant for sleeping? It’s one of those days. I have to go out to night but I’m really not in the mood which means I am in desperate need of something simple and comfy. IMG_0582

You would have seen this dress briefly before in one of my posts. I’ve worn it to one of my photoshoots. It’s T by Alexander Wang (mmmm alexander wang). The material itself it quite thick and stretchy meaning it hides everything. After a day like today thats exactly what I need.

Due to my laziness I’ve gone with the messy hair flick no jewellery look. A favourite of mine (I just got so confused with the spelling of jewellery for a moment there – I’m slightly delirious) . Due to my laziness I also did not really take the most fabulous pictures. But it is the outfit that counts (its the thought that counts guys). The shoes are Louboutin’s. They’re a simple black suede pump with a nice chunky platform. You would think the platform would made things more comfortable… alas no. But they make your legs look nice and long which I always love.


I hope you all are having a better week than I am, and are more sane than I am right now. I did a really awesome shoot on Friday last week! It was a swimwear shoot (very scary). The water was so cold! I’m hoping the photos turn out well so I can share some with you guys next week!

PS. If shooting swimwear go to the Maldives… the water is much warmer (and they’ll have cocktails).

T x

balenciaga & demna: fall RTW 2016

I feel like I need this blog post to rant this week. Balenciaga (my favorite) has shown it’s Fall Ready-to-wear collection. They have a new creative director since Alexander Wang left. Demna Gvasalia of Vetements is the new creative director and showed his debut collection. I really do not know how to feel about this collection. I think Demna brought his aesthetic to Balenciaga however I’m not sure how they mesh. I can see the influence of Cristobel Balenciaga in the use of the cocoon shapes, the leather jacket and the tailoring however I’m struggling with the flowy dresses and those candy cane stockings (and together?).

Photos: Monica Feudi

I love a good tailored suit, or anything tailored really but I think tailoring is about being flattering to the body. On some looks I can see that. But on others I don’t like it – the above two being a prime example. While I don’t like it, the one of the right Is definitely more wearable. I think that jacket could look great if styled correctly. Plus the matte black stockings remind me of the collection Alexander Wang did with the half white half black stockings (One of my favorites).

Photos: Monica Feudi

This kind of tailoring I think is great. The jacket in the middle is the same cut as above however it’s much more flattering with pants. I’ve never been a huge fan of the stirrup pants but I like it here. While she is wearing a puffer jacket (they’re literally all over the runway right now – particularly Stella McCartney) the turtle neck is to die for. I love turtle necks! And the royal blue shoes with the jewels are great. Combine that with the red of the jacket and you’ve got a killer look.

Photos: Monica Feudi

These two looks are the ones that annoy me. The one on the right isn’t as bad. I think with the detailing on the skirt hem it looks okay, but i pattern? It reminds me of that Givenchy collection. The one that Kim Kardashian wore to the met gala and looked like an old couch? The one on the left also has potential. Without those candy cane tights and with a great pair of strappy heels that could be a great summer dress (very Chloe). I just don’t get the tights?! Perhaps this is Demna’s point though? To alienate us a bit? Vetements is famous for street style, and for things a bit out there so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Photos: Monica Feudi

Surprisingly I like these looks as well. While the middle one seems slightly messy (very Demna) he’s tapped into Balenciaga’s amazing leather jackets. I think this one is great.The other two looks also tap into Balenciaga’s identity. They’re soft but strong. I think this is also due to the hair and makeup, not to mention those killer boots. The shoulderless jackets and sweaters make these looks feminine and elegant but also powerful.


Photos: Monica Feudi

Lastly I LOVE this! The metallic embroidery with that bit of black behind it is amazing. I would definitely wear this, with the boots and without! Demna has repeated the hem detailing once again on this dress and I think it works so well.

So while I don’t like some looks. I love some, probably the ones more true to Balenciaga’s identity. I think perhaps it will take time to get used to Demna’s style and designing. I love him at Vetements but as I said, I think I need to get used to him. Anyways it’s probably a good thing I’m not in love with everything because I wouldn’t be able to afford it in Europe! Also I feel like I should apologize if I have any spelling mistakes! My computer keyboard is dying. Meaning I need to buy a new laptop, which I’m dreading – It’s going to cut into my Europe fund. I’m literally like “Do you want a new bag? Or do you want a new laptop?” I’m leaning towards bag hahaha Anyways I hope you’ll all have a fab week! I feel better now I’ve gotten my thoughts on Demna and Balenciaga off my chest!! But let me know what you guys think of the collection! I’d love to hear some other opinions.

T x



All Photos: Monica Feudi / Indigital.tv

sheer for summer

My lord it is hot today! I’m currently in an air conditioned room recovering from today (I had uni).I have to say I struggle on days like today because all I want to do is wear shorts and a singlet, but days like today were created for easy-breezy boho dresses.

This dress is actually quite new. Its from Morrison’s. My mum took me in (I’ve never been in before) and I really like some of their stuff. The materials are beautiful and it is an Australian brand. They also have a drawing of a dog on their bags! The store was actually named after the dog (who unfortunately is dead now – they have a new dog now guys so put away the tissues).

Its actually a slip with a dress over it. Even though it’s two pieces it’s still quite sheer, but it looks amazing when the sun shines through it. Now I have to say I did not wear this to uni. While beautiful Louboutin’s  are not made for walking. But you can wear this dress with these kind of heels, sandals, anything really. I wear it to work with my blue velvet Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats.

Guess what? This dress is now on sale (just my luck). Of course I payed full price for it. You can find it here:

Morrison Pippin Dress 

Anyways, I’m off to start some of my many assignments. Wish me luck! (PS. Guys! I’ wearing white!)

T x

back to black…


Hope you guys have been well This week has been hectic!! Plus I’m back at uni next week! I’ve been planning out my trip to Europe and I’m starting to get super excited (the thought of my holiday is what is going to keep me going this semester)! I was watching that episode of Gossip Girl where Serena and Blair go to Paris. J’adore!!! I know minimalism is in. Especially in regards to jewelry. But every once in a while I just want to be like Blair Waldorf and wear a ridiculous amount of accessories.


This outfit was inspired by Blair crossed with  Princess Eleanor from the tv show The Royals (which I lovveee). The dress is actually a shift from underneath a Witchery dress! I don’t really like wearing it by itself so I paired it with a black velvet Zara jacket with satin lapels (it’s my Hugh Hefner jacket).

The shoes are the most beautiful Louboutin booties. They’re super high! I feel like a giant in them! I actually bought these at the new store on Collins street! The thing about Louboutin’s is that they first they look beautiful in the store, but then when you try them on they look even better and then you have to buy them! Keep in mind I have no self-control.

IMG_0536 (2)

In terms of jewelry I’m wearing  Lovisa rings and necklace. The belt is Zara (once again)! The cuff is Swarowski and the choker is actually a belt! I bought it at Alannah Hill. It’s stretchy and adjustable. It’s very 1920s but I think it works well with the rock chic look! On a fragrance note I was wearing Balenciaga Rosabotanica. As you know I adore Balenciaga. The scent is quite spicy so I don’t wear it 24/7 but when you’re in the mood to be a little rebellious I think it’s great.

IMG_0584 (2)

On a side note: this outfit would look great with my Stuart Weitzman Highland boots in black!! Anyways as I said I’m back at uni next week so I’ll try to keep up to date!

T x


meet stuart.

Hi guys!!

I went shoe shopping. I said I wouldn’t but what kinda fashion blogger would I be if I didn’t shop (a shit one. that’s what i’d be). But I don’t want to buy anything else until I’m in Europe (I say that now). Anyways, I first saw these shoes in this color on Gigi Hadid. Technically, I already own a pair but I have them in black. But these babies are the perfect brown beige.

They’re called the ‘Highland’ boots by Stuart Weitzman. I adore Stuart Weitzman!!! I have 4 pairs of Stuarts, three being boots – Highlands and Lowlands. I also have the Nudistsongs. Its an addiction. They’re just so simple and they all look so beautiful and fit so well.

Weitzman’s are also comfy!! Plus they come in these really cool purple boxes. And they make your legs look super nice (Stuart Weitzman should be paying me for this free advertisement – preferably in shoes). I’m slightly annoyed though because its too hot to wear them right now (first world problems)!

At the moment I’m working 6 days a week and I’ll be back at uni in 2 weeks (also 6 day weeks with work). I’m kinda dreading it! But I’m just trying to think of my holiday in June! I’ve started booking plays and restaurants and I’m getting super excited. I might do a blog post of some of my planned shopping destinations!

T x

fashion week 2016

I mentioned in a previous blog post my excitement about fashion week. My invite got lost in the mail (again). I love the beginning of the year because I get absolutely spammed with fashion week posts (my instagram is literally just models and designers). I love the theater of the shows and the complete looks styled by the houses. I know a lot of people think its over the top but haute couture isn’t about practicality. Not to mention you can break a look apart to make it more wearable (but why would you want to!?! Speaking of Haute Couture, pre-fall 2016 is also popping up.

But first Haute Couture in Paris. I’m still freaking out about the Chanel show. Chanel shows are always so intricate and lavish. The theater of their shows are mind-blowing. I love the fact they always have a concept or theme behind the show, this year being the doll house. The detailing at Chanel is always immaculate. One of the dresses (pictured below on Gigi Hadid) actually is made up of tiny pieces of wood dipped in black dye. What I loved the most though was the makeup and hair. It reminded me immediately of Star Wars (which I love). I’m dying to try out the makeup (minus the bottom line of eyeliner). If only I had enough hair (or a wig?) to wear that bun!

By Yannis Vlamos on Vogue

I’m also loving Fall 2016 Prada, particularly the menswear show. In recent years they’ve started including female models in these shows (Balmain being a prime example). While there are only a few looks to chose from I’ve been transfixed by the accessories. Now I’m not sure whether those are pants or tights or what but they’re cool. Seriously cool. And that’s all that matters. Those argyle sock/pants with those velvet shoes are amazing. While it seems like you’d need to be brave to wear them as pants, imagine it with a tight high necked sleeveless black leather dress with a stitching detail (very descriptive, I know).

By Monica Feudi on Vogue

I feel like I could literally go on forever with this post but I’m going to try and keep it short. So lastly, Balmain. Olivier Rousteing becoming the creative director of Balmain was genius. I’ve had a bit of a crush on Balmain for a while. I think its the tailored suits and embellished mini dresses. But what first made me fall in love with Balmain was a pair of leather pants with gold zips everywhere. They were so perfect, but unfortunately very out of my price range as 15 year old. I am still on the hunt for the perfect pair of leather pants. I think one of my favorite things about Balmain is the concept of the brand. The Balmain women is un-apologetically powerful, sexy and unafraid. I think Rousteing completely and utterly understands this and celebrates it. This collection highlights the strength in femininity, using elements like feathers, ruffles, beading and tassels. All are associated with feminine fashion however this collection also makes it tough (AKA really bad ass).

By AJ Numan on Vogue

I could have also gone on about Versace (the suits, my god.), Barbara Bui (leather pants!) and Roberto Cavalli (Peter Dundas can do no wrong) but I thought I’d just show you some of my stand outs (I seriously lost track of time researching and writing this!). Anyways I’m off – things to do and places to be (and leather pants to find)!

T x


Every once in a blue moon I do a photoshoot. At one point I wanted to model full time but as I started doing jobs and experiencing the industry I decided it wasn’t for me, not to mention I wasn’t exactly what they were looking for in a model. While it was disappointing I’m super glad I tried it! Its been heaps of help with this blog and I’ve got to participate in amazing things.

Anyways back to the point. I did a photoshoot on Australia Day with Alison Gurry. She’s an amazing photographer and I love shooting with her. We actually went to school together.

This is the third shoot we’ve done so I’ll have to share some more pictures in future posts! This oxblood dress I bought from Topshop in England years ago! This was way before Topshop popped up in Australia. The shoes are So Kate Christian Louboutin’s. They look great but my god are they uncomfortable.

This dress is another T by Alexander Wang. Its so easy to style, I can wear it with heels or with cute sneakers, plus its a thick stretchy material so its super comfy. The graphic blue and black split is amazing and so strong. It makes me want to go bowling!

This black beauty is from Zara. I bought this in South Africa. It reminded me of the current Gucci collection with beautiful beading all around the collar. The sheer skirt allows this dress to be more versatile and casual. Its a good mix between casual and formal and can be dressed up or dressed down (it would look great with a denim jacket!)

If you wan to see more of Alison’s pics check out her website. Oh and on a fun note! I’ve officially booked my flights and hotels in Europe! I’m super excited to see my fam bam and do a little bit of damage! (Remind me to start saving!)

T x