Every once in a blue moon I do a photoshoot. At one point I wanted to model full time but as I started doing jobs and experiencing the industry I decided it wasn’t for me, not to mention I wasn’t exactly what they were looking for in a model. While it was disappointing I’m super glad I tried it! Its been heaps of help with this blog and I’ve got to participate in amazing things.

Anyways back to the point. I did a photoshoot on Australia Day with Alison Gurry. She’s an amazing photographer and I love shooting with her. We actually went to school together.

This is the third shoot we’ve done so I’ll have to share some more pictures in future posts! This oxblood dress I bought from Topshop in England years ago! This was way before Topshop popped up in Australia. The shoes are So Kate Christian Louboutin’s. They look great but my god are they uncomfortable.

This dress is another T by Alexander Wang. Its so easy to style, I can wear it with heels or with cute sneakers, plus its a thick stretchy material so its super comfy. The graphic blue and black split is amazing and so strong. It makes me want to go bowling!

This black beauty is from Zara. I bought this in South Africa. It reminded me of the current Gucci collection with beautiful beading all around the collar. The sheer skirt allows this dress to be more versatile and casual. Its a good mix between casual and formal and can be dressed up or dressed down (it would look great with a denim jacket!)

If you wan to see more of Alison’s pics check out her website. Oh and on a fun note! I’ve officially booked my flights and hotels in Europe! I’m super excited to see my fam bam and do a little bit of damage! (Remind me to start saving!)

T x

hey sunshine

While its still summer I thought it would be important to do a post on sunnies (Ironic since it’s pretty much raining). Sunglasses are a godsent. They’re practical and stylish all at the same time, plus they’re great for changing your look (/protecting your eyes post-hangover from the sun). I never realized how many pairs I had until I shot this post! I have sunnies that I bought in random street stalls for 5 bucks and others that have cost me a kidney. My favorite pair right now have to be the reflective Seafolly ones. I saw Gigi Hadid wearing them in the campaign and I fell in love (Gigi is just so beautiful). Other notable mention are my green Ray Ban aviators, my countless Sportsgirl sunnies and my stolen brown Miu Miu’s (from my mom so it doesn’t count). But the love of my life, in terms of sunglasses, are my glitter ‘noir’ Miu Mius (they’re bottom right).

I got these for my birthday when I was 18 and I took them on holiday with me to Mauritius. Anyways, the first day I sat down on the beach chair and also sat on top of my glasses. I think I almost started crying and ran off to find my Dad to fix them. While they have been fixed, they’re still not perfect. But it doesn’t matter because I love them and they’re super precious too me!

The lipstick I’m wearing is 99 Pirate Rouge Allure by Chanel (actually a present from my bosses!) Its a perfect red! Plus I find it lasts (always a bonus).

On a side note: It’s Paris Couture Fashion week and I’m freaking out. I’ll have to do a post on it sometime soon because the amount of screenshots on my phone are getting ridiculous!

T x

IMG_0674 (4)

little black baby

I’m officially back at work this week so I thought I’d go out on Friday to celebrate my last weekend of freedom… kidding, it was my best friends birthday and I surprised her (I actually like my job). We went to dinner at Spice Temple (so yum, I love spicy food) and then our friend met us to go clubbing. But seriously thank goodness for clubbing otherwise I don’t think I would have ever gotten round to wearing it.

The brand is T by Alexander Wang. I loooovveee T by Alexander Wang. Perhaps its our shared love for the letter T? I love anything Alexander Wang anyways – Alexander and Balenciaga were a match made in heaven. It’s such a shame he’s left the house now.  Anyways, I love the brands simplicity and the subtle details. The inside of this dress is lined with white (which you an just see in the back), so it looks beautiful on a hanger. 

IMG_0692 (2)

I call it my 90s supermodel dress. I feel like Cindy Crawford in it (which is always a bonus). I paired it with a leopard print bag from Victoria’s Secret and shoes from Sam Edelman (they are so beyond comfortable that I bought two pairs. Plus I adore ankle straps). The little waist band at the back is great for me because I don’t have much of a waist to begin with, not to mention it’s super comfortable and secure which is very important for clubbing!

Since I’m getting back into uni & work I’ll be posting once a week from now on. But I’ve got some other exciting stuff coming your way!

T x

london calling

Hi guys, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past week enjoying my last bits of holiday. I’ve also been reflecting a bit on the blog and I want to do something new!!! I don’t want this blog to be just about me. Lets be honest, I get most of my inspiration from other people, other places and other things. Not to mention I’m already getting sick of looking at my face and I’m sure you are too! So this post is about where (and who!) I get my inspiration from.

I’m obsessed with both pinterest and instagram, and from both of these apps I’ve found my ultimate style crushes/loves. Now my style changes depending on my mood, but if i’m having one of those days where I can’t find anything to wear I’ll trawl through my recent pinterests posts and replicate a look from there.

Right now I’m obsessed with London street style from the likes of Poppy Delevigne, Alexa Chung and Suki Waterhouse. London street style has this quirky edge to it. They’re not afraid to experiment, and most of all they have fun with fashion! Think of Suki and her cute hats, Alexa’s rain hail or shine denim cut-offs, or Poppy’s  lady-like but edgy style.

I think what I love most is the aura of elegance these women have combined with an adventurous streak. They don’t play by the rules. As Alexa Chung says “never say never in fashion because you’ll be wearing never in two years time” and shes right! I understand wanting to stick to the trends but style is an attitude at the end of the day. You may be wearing a fresh of the runway outfit from Balenciaga, but if you aren’t confident and comfortable in it you’re not going to pull it off. So borrow one from the Brits, be elegant, but maintain that mischievous streak they’re all famous for.

T x



blue jean baby

All of a sudden its raining here again, meaning its movie weather, meaning stay inside under all costs. I adore movies. I love love love them! They’re an amazing source of inspiration and are great places to just switch off. But movies are about comfort, meaning comfort food and comfortable clothes (see that segue I did right there). I think I almost always wear jeans at the movies, and this little blue romper is perfect for that. Its extremely comfortable and cute, not to mention it can be dressed up (or down – but I dressed it up). The play suit screams 70s so I went with it and paired it with glitter platforms and a suede belt.


I know what you’re thinking, who the f*ck  wears platforms that high to the movies? Lets be honest, you’re literally sitting down the whole time, so you might as well wear the shoes. Anyways, I’m a firm believer you should wear what you want, society be damned.



The romper is from Seed, as well as the belt. The shoes are from Windsor Smith. I don’t normally shop there but I saw these in Sydney and I had to have them! I call them my stripper shoes. They’re kind of over the top but they’re fabulous, and that’s all that really matters right?  T x

the annual new year wardrobe clean out

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had a fabulous new years eve! I certainly did – I spent it with my family and friends. I’m convinced this year is going to be amazing! I actually saw the most beautiful shooting star new years eve so I’m taking it as a good sign!

But now that day 1 of the new year is over, its time to get back to business! My first item on my agenda was a wardrobe clean out. While I’m still in the process of cleaning, I found this old silk shirt my Dad bought me in Malaysia years ago. Dad always used to travel for business and bring me back little trinkets from all these different countries and cultures. They’ve been hiding at the back of my wardrobe because they were 10 sizes too big, but now they finally fit me! Anyways I think this shirt is great to wear out to dinner casually. I love it because its something a bit different and unusual, plus it has sentimental value.

I paired it with some boyfriend jeans from gap (which are super comfy) and some peep toe Miu Miu mary janes from the Fall 2013 Ready-to-wear collection. These shoes are my most comfortable heels by far! They’re so secure I feel like I could run a mile in them! The bag I’m carrying I’ve also had for years. It used to be filled with my coin collection but I now use it as a handbag. I was considering taking off the stickers I put on there when I was 6 but I kinda like them! Oh and how cool are my nails?!? I got them done in tartan for the new year.

I also had a visitor while trying to shoot this. This is Xuxa, she’s named after the Brazilian singer. She’s a bit of a poser, so you can see where I get it from. Anyways, good luck for 2016 everyone! I’ve got a really good feeling about this year!

T x

whats in her bag? NYE edition

Its the last day of the year and everyone is frantically preparing for NYE. I’ve personally never been a fan of New Years. I’m not exactly sure why but I think it’s because I’m sad to leave the year behind (pathetic, I know). This year I’m spending New Years with some of my best friends and family (including the dogs) at my house so I’m super excited for my low key New Years. However I know all of you aren’t spending the night in! So here’s my first what’s in her bag: New Year 2015 Edition

For the girl who’s staying out the whole night (and morning)

This is the girl who likes a bit of sparkle on NYE, who’s wearing a killer pair of heels and potentially has a bottle of champagne in one hand. Black is always a safe bet since it goes with everything (plus she loves black).  She’s wearing metallic Chanel Les Vernis Nail Colour in #531 Peridot on her hands and blood red Rouge D’Armani on her lips. Wrapped around her wrist is a Swarowski bracelet covered in rose gold, silver and gold crystals. On her fingers are several jeweled rings from Lovisa and a gunmetal ear cuff from Urban Outfitters is perched on her ear. She’ll be the one still dancing at 3am.


For the girl who’s hosting the party

This girl is famous for her parties which are meticulously planned and organized. She loves classic elegance and admires both Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly (the were both stars for a reason!). She’s wearing a Thomas Sabo pearl bracelet teamed with pearl earrings à la Dior. Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt is spritzed on her wrists with Lancome Rouge in Love #379N Berry in Love topped with Lancome Lip Lover in #357 Boquet Final. She’ll be the one holding the toast come midnight.


For the girl who’s having a low-key party with close friends

This girl prefers bars to clubs. She’d rather sit and chat than dance the night away. She’s calm and reflective and loves to travel. She doesn’t have a lot in her bag, other than prized possessions and favorites. On her hands and feet she has Le Vernis Nail Colour in #589 Elixir by Chanel. She smells of Miss Dior, and wears Dior Addict Lipstick in #976 Be Dior. She’s into soft colors and meaningful jewelry. Around her neck is a Thomas Sabo necklace with a globe charm. On her wrist is a Miranda Kerr Swarowski bracelet. She’ll be the one who quietly has a moment to herself come midnight.


I hope you all have a magical new year. Can’t wait to post more next year.

T x



the shoes of 2015

The year is coming to a close, and its time to reflect. For me this reflection includes queries like “What did I enjoy most this year?” and more importantly “Which new shoes did I welcome to the BLACK T family this year?”

So here’s a post dedicated to some of my new family members. May the family keep growing in 2016.

First lets start with some practical ones. I bought these Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitty Flats’ mid year at the David Jones sale. While I am normally a dog person I was happy to make an exception. But I have to say these aren’t as comfortable as I hoped they’d be! They’re super cute and super versatile but they aren’t walking shoes! They’re perfect for traveling in though!


My next purchase was the most recent (they aren’t even a month old yet). I actually wanted to buy them for my birthday last year but I ended up buying a pair of Choo’s (which I’d show you but they’re in London being repaired). These Stuart Weitzman are the ‘Nudistsong’ ones which are different to the Nudist’s as they’re a little shorter (which makes my feet so happy). The color literally goes with everything since its a mixture of gold, silver and brass. Anyways I love them, they’re great.


So now for my new Louboutin’s. Louboutin’s are what I buy the most of. I think I bought 4 pairs this year (kinda scary…) The two photographed here are probably the funkier ones. The lace up gold glitter ones are the ‘Neotrente’ – surprisingly comfortable and very secure (that’s the ankle strap for you), and the black platform booties are the ‘Altarakna’ 150mm. I’m actually a giant in them. What I realized when shooting this is that all of my Louboutin’s are black. All 5 pairs of them (to be fair there is some gold). Also I tend to keep them all in their bags still (I think I’m subconsciously preparing for a house fire). The other ones I bought this year were the ‘So Kate’ in Black patent as well as the ‘Vicky Bass’ in black suede.


While there are more new shoes, I want to surprise you guys with more later! So I’m going to finish off with my first ever designer pair purchase. I bought these Guiseppe Zanotti’s when I was still at school. I found them hiding in a sale rack for about 350 dollars. They were the last pair in my size (hallelujah)! They’re a midnight blue with a subtle silver sparkle through them (Yes I am also a giant in these). I don’t wear them very often but I’ve got a soft spot for them because they were my first. Anyways, I hoped you liked seeing a bit of my closet! Over and out! T x




the modern mini

I love the 60s, the clothes, the shoes, Sean Connery as James Bond… While unfortunately these things are apart of the past, we can still take a queue from Ursula Andres and embrace the era.

After recently seeing The Man from U.N.C.L.E. I had a craving to find a white dress. The next day I walked past Zara and there were white dresses everywhere (thanks Zara). Anyways I found this dress, a white mini with an open back and bell sleeves.

IMG_0124.jpgI paired this dress with some kitten heels I found at a shop called Genkek. Normally I’m not into kitten heels but these shoes remind me of Miu Miu’s and I’m a sucker for a pair of Miu Miu’s (as you’ll soon find out).

IMG_0148However, the most important thing about the 60s (for me) are the accessories. In particular, the sunglasses. This pair is from Sportsgirl. They have great sunglasses for reasonable prices (these ones were $35), and they last (I’ve sat on them before and they survived). The good thing about 60s sunglasses is that they’re massive and they kinda say ‘Don’t talk to me’ so they’re great if you’re in the mood for being anti-social.

Lastly jewelry. While I only wore earrings in this post I found heaps of necklaces and brooches in my mum/grandma’s old jewelry box. So many things work for a 60s inspired look. If its big and bold, its 60s.


Dress: Zara ($60-$70) – Sorry I can’t remember the exact price

Shoes: Genkek kitten heels ($60)

Sunglasses: Sportsgirl ($35)

Lips: Dior Contour Lipliner in Greje 169

Dior Rouge Baume in Star 128

(both available at David Jones/Myer)

Fragrance: Mini Lancome Poeme



a little bit about me… and my leather jacket

Hey everyone,

While I’m sure you all know it was Christmas yesterday (merry christmas by the way), I’m still re-living the moment I found this leather beauty under the tree. I’ve been in love with this jacket since the moment I saw it. I found it at Maje (one of my favorite stores) who at the moment has leather jackets everywhere (I died). This one caught my eye because its so unique. It’s a classic biker jacket shape but with a bit of attitude from the white writing and stars painted down the sleeve.

While this jacket was expensive ($940), leather jackets are an investment piece which last a life time (I’m a firm believer in investment pieces – maybe because it makes me feel better about spending so much money!). Not to mention that a good leather jacket is lightweight and will keep you warm and stylish at all times!

I paired this jacket with a Calvin Klein Bralette (which seem to be everywhere right now) and a pair of Calvin Klein high waisted jeans, but I later swapped to black Zara pants (only 40 bucks!). But lets be honest… this jacket goes with anything and everything.

Maje ‘BLUES’ Screen Printed Leather Jacket

Calvin Klein ‘Modern Cotton Bralette’ in Black

You can find the jacket online here: or if you’re in Australia at David Jones.